Impaired Professionals
The impact of addiction is far reaching for anyone. But for professionals it can be particularly difficult. Concerns about damaging your personal and professional status can make it especially difficult to seek assistance. Highly skilled and accomplished people are accustomed to excelling at what they do and are not always comfortable asking for help.

Recovery From Substance Abuse and Your Professional Career

Fortunately, there is hope for professionals dealing with an addiction. It starts with making decision. That decision is to ask for help.

Whether you are addicted to, drugs, alcohol, pain medications, or another physically and/or emotionally addictive substance, RiverMend Health has a treatment program that can help you turn your life around. Our comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach is designed to provide professionals with all of the tools necessary to live an addiction-free, healthy, and fulfilled life.

Our program is suitable for anyone who works in a profession that demands high accountability and responsibility, or is safety-related in nature. Our experienced team of addiction experts provides confidential and compassionate care, while addressing underlying issues that may play a role in your addiction, such as chronic pain, family history, and mental health. We provide individualized treatment plans that take into consideration the unique set of challenges that impaired professionals face while recovering from an addiction.

At RiverMend Health, our experts are uniquely qualified to help professionals overcome their addictions and return to their personal and professional responsibilities.

Get Help Now

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