There is Hope
Simple words, yet words hold incredible power. Especially if you are struggling with addiction to drugs, alcohol, pain medications, eating disorders or obesity, never forget there is always hope for a better way of life.

Your future begins with a simple phone call for help. Call us now at 844-871-3187 to begin your journey.

Addiction Can be Conquered

Hope is stronger than optimism and wishful thinking. Hope starts with the realization that addiction can be conquered and quality of life restored. Overcoming addiction is about choosing the best treatment experts and rehabilitation program to help you initiate and navigate the path to recovery.

Creating Your Recovery Pathway

At RiverMend Health, we bring together the world’s preeminent addiction medicine physicians and clinicians to first, evaluate your condition and then, to create a recovery pathway that provides you with the knowledge, counsel and medically assisted regimen to ensure your treatment is a success.

Comprehensive, Multi-Disciplinary Treatment Therapies

RiverMend Health and our network of nationally renown treatment programs and rehabilitation centers offer comprehensive, multi-disciplinary treatment therapies that will help you manage your addiction day by day; turning weeks of sobriety into long lasting years of recovery.

Addiction is a Disease

This is not a story about quick fixes and short-term gains. Addiction is a complex and multifaceted brain disease. Addiction is influenced by a complex matrix of factors involving one’s genes, early environment and age of introduction to alcohol and drugs. We know that inheritable genetic traits increase the risk, or likelihood of addiction, accounting for between 40 and 60 percent of a person’s vulnerability to this disease. But vulnerability is not destiny.

Do You Need Help?

Perhaps you or a loved one are struggling right now. This is about how you can take an active role in your own recovery and rediscover the real you today. At RiverMend Health, through our nationwide network of treatment programs and centers provide multi-dimensional, evidence-based treatment that address the complexity and chronicity of your addiction.