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RiverMend Health Centers specializes in treating drug and alcohol addiction, dual disorders and pain medication abuse through our Detoxification, Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs) and Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHPs).

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RiverMend Health Centers was founded to provide greater access to scientifically-driven treatment for those suffering from addiction-related chronic illnesses.

RiverMend Health Centers offers a myriad of multi-disciplinary addiction treatment and therapy services, including detoxification, addiction centered counseling, family treatment and counseling, relapse prevention, recovery planning and coaching, spiritual care and healing and continuous monitoring.

To schedule a free consultation, evaluation or learn more about RiverMend Health Centers, please call our patient intake and referral team at (844) 242-0808.

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  • Alcohol Use Disorders & Addiction }

    Alcohol Use Disorders & Addiction

    If you or a loved one is suffering from alcohol abuse or dependency, you are not alone. In fact, alcohol abuse and addiction are medical conditions that affect an estimated 18 million people each year. Seeking help and facing your addiction is a brave decision, and recovery is not far from reach at RiverMend Health Centers. Our multi-dimensional, evidence-based therapeutic modalities and nationwide network of treatment centers provides you or your loved one with all the tools and support necessary to manage your chronic illness and achieve a sustained, lifelong recovery.

  • Drug Use Disorders & Addiction }

    Drug Use Disorders & Addiction

    Overcoming drug abuse and dependency begins with the decision to ask for help. Whether you are addicted to prescription pills, heroin, methamphetamines, opioids, or another physically and/or emotionally addictive substance, RiverMend Health Centers' multi-dimensional, evidence-based therapeutic modalities can help you stop the destructive cycle of addiction and help you turn your life around. Our comprehensive, multi-disciplinary treatment program provides you with all of the tools necessary to achieve a sustained lifelong recovery and live a healthy, and fulfilled life.

  • Pain Medication Abuse & Addiction }

    Pain Medication Abuse & Addiction

    Each year, more than 76 million people suffer from chronic pain — pain that lasts longer than 24 hours — and millions more suffer from acute pain. Learning to manage chronic pain can be a stressful, debilitating experience, leading many down a road where they find themselves dependent upon pain medication to get through the day. Just when you find that your pain is manageable, you become at risk of becoming addicted to the pain medication that has brought you relief. Over time, physical dependence can snowball into addiction.

  • Impaired Professionals }

    Impaired Professionals

    The impact of addiction is far reaching for anyone. But for physicians and white collar professionals it can be particularly difficult. Concerns about permanently damaging your career and earning potential as well as your personal reputation can make it especially difficult to seek assistance. Highly skilled and accomplished professionals are accustomed to exceling at what they do and as a result, are not always comfortable asking for help. Don’t put your career at risk. Call our Impaired Professionals hotline to start your recovery at (844) 242-0808.

  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) Services }

    Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) Services

    Our Intensive Outpatient Programs gives individuals the opportunity to continue living at home and working in the community during treatment. Individuals in recovery are able to begin implementing the skills acquired through the outpatient program and are provided the opportunity to process their experience in a therapeutic and supportive group environment.

  • Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) }

    Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

    RiverMend Health Centers' Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is a highly structured program of therapy and support services for adults experiencing addictions and/or dual disorders and is an alternative to inpatient hospitalization. This program is designed to treat chemical dependency for individuals who are able to tolerate the less intensive structure of a day program and have support outside the treatment environment. Our Partial Hospitalization Program offers all of the intensity of acute inpatient care without having to stay in the hospital overnight.

  • Family Counseling }

    Family Counseling

    Our counselors are a guiding force for helping patients integrate back into areas of their lives where their behavior may have left a destructive trail, including work and personal relationships. Part of that process involves consulting with the families of patients about what treatment options may be best suited for remedying the condition of their loved one. RiverMend Health Centers' counselors work closely with patients and families to identify relapse triggers, to educate family members about the psychological and social contributors to addiction and to encourage them to support and encourage a healthy lifestyle and family environment.

  • Relapse Prevention }

    Relapse Prevention

    RiverMend Health Centers offers relapse prevention counseling and treatment for patients in recovery, in combination with recovery documentation and drug testing. We continuously assess our treatment plans to ensure maximum success for our patients and to prevent relapse. RiverMend Health Centers work hard to help patients feel better, get clean and sober, and remain that way not only through detox and a few weeks or months -- but for years to come.

  • One on One & Group Counseling }

    One on One & Group Counseling

    RiverMend Health Centers offers one on one and group counseling and therapy for individuals immediately upon intake, during the Intensive Outpatient Program and Partial Hospitalization Program as well as in the aftercare and recovery phase of addiction treatment. Even after detox, when freedom from substance abuse is achieved, patients remain at high risk for relapse. Our counseling therapies are designed to fit the individual needs of each patient and address the psychological and social challenges and factors that are often powerful stimuli for relapse.

  • Stacy Seikel, M.D.

    Medical Director, RiverMend Health Centers of Georgia
    Chief Medical Officer, of Integrated Recovery Prorgams for RiverMend Health

    Stacy Seikel, M.D.

    Dr. Stacy Seikel is the Medical Director with Rivermend Health Centers of Georgia and Chief Medical Officer of Integrated Recovery Programs for RiverMend Health. A nationally recognized addition expert, Dr. Seikel is known as a patient advocate and as a professional mentor and leader in the field of addiction treatment. She is Board Certified in both Addiction Medicine and in Anesthesiology.

    Dr. Siekel has worked on state and national levels to improve care for men and women with substance use disorders, and has developed programs to keep families intact while a parent achieves recovery and sobriety. In 2012, she was honored with the Dole-Nyswander Award for patient advocacy from the American Association for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence, after being nominated by the state of Florida.

    She served as CMO and Medical Director of various addiction treatment organizations and has overseen medical and psychiatric services at private and public detoxification programs, opioid treatment programs, and residential treatment facilities.

Insurance & Payments

RiverMend Health Centers accepts a wide variety of health insurance provider plans as well as fee for service cash payments for detoxification, addiction treatment and rehabilitation, intensive outpatient programs and partial hospitalization programs.

Because insurance plan coverage can change frequently and we are always adding new health insurers, we recommend calling the RiverMend Health Centers patient intake and referral team at (844) 242-0808 to discuss insurance coverage, financial planning and payment arrangements for the treatment of alcohol and drug dependency.


Rivermend Health Centers provides addiction detoxification, intensive outpatient addiction therapy and partial hospitalization programs in Atlanta.

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