Young Adult Men Not Forthright about Their Behaviors

A recent survey found a disturbing discrepancy between young adult males’ assessment of their own substance-using behavior and their reporting of what their friends are doing. Authorities suspect that this means these individuals in the 18-to-25 age range are under-reporting their own daily use.

Released this past summer, the online survey of more than 500 subjects found that while 55% say they have one or more friends who smoke marijuana daily, only 21% say that they do. The gap for daily alcohol use is 54% (friend) vs. 16% (personal).

Officials stress the importance of family engagement with this age group. “Sometimes individuals may be reluctant to acknowledge their destructive behaviors,” John Dakin, PhD, clinical director of Caron Texas treatment facility, said in a news release. “However in Caron’s experience, parents should pay attention to what their young adult’s peer group is doing because it could be a critical sign that their child is in danger.”

In other findings of the survey, conducted by The Dallas Marketing Group:

  • A total of 24% of respondents admitted to driving after consuming three drinks.
  • A total of 19% of respondents acknowledged having had unprotected sex after becoming intoxicated.
  • About 20% reported embarrassing consequences from drinking or drug use, including texting or sexting while drunk.