Dr. Mark Gold Podcast On Using Evidence-Based Treatment To Address The Opioid Crisis

The current opioid epidemic in the United States has been universally recognized as one of the most important public health issues of our time. Opioid overdoses have increased by 200% since 2000, with more than 33,000 individuals dying from opioid overdoses in 2015 alone. The national opioid epidemic is also overwhelming hospitals, with nearly 1.3 million Americans needing emergency visits or inpatient stays in the last year. In this insightful podcast interview with RANE founder David Lawrence, RiverMend Health Scientific Advisory Boards Chairman, Dr. Mark S. Gold, discusses how evidence-based treatment is needed to address the opioid crisis and explores the challenges corporations are facing to implement systems and programs to adequately help addicted professionals in the workplace and address the potential safety, economic, and legal issues related to this complex problem. You can listen to the podcast by clicking here!