Recovery Planning and Coaching
Successful recovery does not just happen; it is carefully planned. From the moment you enter into our treatment program, we begin to design your long-term success strategy with consideration for your personal life circumstances. By recognizing that drug addiction is a chronic disease it becomes possible to frame addiction as a lifetime condition that requires continuous treatment and support.

A Personal Recovery Coach for Lasting Success

Part of this strategy is to identify a suitable recovery coach in your community who is skilled at navigating the path of recovery. Your initial treatment will involve gaining new life skills and creating a new and meaningful vision of who you want to become. By working with a recovery coach you are provided continued support in your pursuit of lasting success by someone who knows how to guide you toward your goal of lasting recovery.

Relapse Addiction Prevention is Achievable

As with any other form of healing, recovery is dependent on the personal decision to make a change. In order to stay committed to this decision, your recovery coach will help identify areas of your life that may pose the risk of sabotaging your goals and assist you in prioritizing all aspects of your life to ensure that they are compatible with lifelong abstinence. This can include strategies on how to create a healthy environment and avoid those that may act as triggers for substance abuse.

A Strategic Plan Can Make the Difference

Success in any endeavor requires special preparation and planning. An effective substance prevention plan can be the difference between success and relapse. An effective relapse prevention plan is a carefully balanced mix of strategies aimed at preparing the patient for circumstances that may jeopardize abstinence. This often-overlooked stage of care is imperative to a lasting recovery.Prevention begins well before the opportunity for relapse occurs. A comprehensive relapse prevention plan should take into consideration social interactions, emotional triggers, and daily stress in a way that fosters a healthy recovery and provides coping mechanisms for circumstances that may lead to relapse.

Stay on Track With Continued Support

Ultimately, your recovery coach can significantly reduce the likelihood of a relapse during the crucial period that follows your initial treatment. A productive relationship with your recovery coach helps bridge the gap between leaving intensive treatment and maintaining long term sobriety. This ongoing support accelerates progress by providing greater focus and awareness of choices and available actions.

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