Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention
Simply defined, mindfulness is the state of being present. Increasingly recognized as an effective way to improve mental and physical health, mindfulness is also an important component of addiction recovery and maintenance.

Forming New Habits and Breaking Old Ones

Change is never easy—and committing to an addiction-free lifestyle requires changing many ingrained habits ranging from how you deal with stress to your self-esteem and the people you choose to surround yourself with. For those suffering from addiction, mindfulness can foster an increased awareness of those events and circumstances that may trigger destructive choices. By becoming present, the opportunity is created for you to break habitual patterns and replace them with choices that align with health and happiness.Everyone has habits, both positive and negative. Replacing a ‘bad” habit with a ‘’good” one does not happen overnight. Breaking habits requires establishing new patterns of behavior. Mindfulness acts as an invaluable tool in this process by creating awareness of thoughts and actions in the present moment and recognizing those thoughts and actions that may lead to relapse.

Recognizing New Choices of Behavior

At RiverMend Health, we teach you the practice of mindfulness as a critical tool in helping bring awareness to the full spectrum of choices available in any given situation. This awareness creates a deeper understanding of the various non-addictive ways of responding to the challenges of life.For many, this awareness becomes the difference between relapse and a sustained recovery.Mindfulness is an acquired skill that keeps your focus on your highest goal: living a healthy life free from substance abuse. This often times involves more than eliminating destructive patterns of behavior and requires learning entirely new ways of thinking, interacting, and reacting.

Healing the Past, Planning for the Future

Mindfulness is an invaluable tool that is placed in your hands from the moment you begin treatment and plays an increasingly important role as you progress forward.While making amends to those you may have injured along the way can play a valuable role in your healing process, dwelling in the past, or being fearful of the future, is not compatible with a successful recovery. Mindfulness helps people prioritize their focus.

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