Family Treatment
If you love someone who suffers from substance abuse, you knowthis chronic disease has many victims. Substance abuse is a “family” disease that rips apart the lives of everyone who loves and cares for the addict. Not only does the patient need help, so does each and every family member.

Rebuild the Trust Needed to Achieve a Lasting Recovery

If your loved one is finally in treatment for addiction, you may be left at home to clean up the mess from years of substance abuse. You may feel angry, resentful, and overwhelmed with the challenges that accompany loving an addict.At RiverMend Health, professional therapists and counselors help family members better understand the disease of addiction. You’ll learn how to communicate, set boundaries, and identify risky behaviors. You’ll learn how to balance your own life and recover from the codependency that may have developed. In a supportive, therapeutic environment you’ll learn to rebuild the trust that was broken from years of substance abuse addiction.

The Importance of Treating the Entire Family

Long-term recovery depends on treating both the addict and the family. The patient is receiving up to 12 hours or more a day of intensive, individualized care. Recovery must progress at the same rate for family members so the family can eventuallyreunite in a healthy environment. Through family workshops, support groups, and individualized therapy sessions, the caring staff at RiverMendHealth will give you the tools to rebuild a healthy, stable family.

Codependency: A Common and Destructive Pattern

Family members and close friends are often intertwined with the substance abuse problem affecting their loved one. Addressing their role in the recovery process is paramount. This includes identifying what may be counterproductive, codependent relationships. Codependent relationships are very common in households with an addict or an alcoholic. Understanding all aspects of codependency assists the entire family on the road to recovery by addressing this destructive family role.

Understanding the Complexities of Love and Family

As part of the family healing process, we explore the complexities of love and family during treatment. This process is not about placing blame or responsibility, but is focused on finding answers that can illuminate the path to recovery.We encourage our patients to seek the help and support of their loved ones whenever possible. Ideally, they can and should play a positive and productive role in the recovery process.

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