Expert Medical Management
Addiction is a complex, chronic brain disease, with a myriad of contributing factors driving its progression. To truly treat and overcome addiction, you need expert medical management, such as board certified physicians, leading your addiction treatment. At RiverMend Health, our treatment programs are led by board certified physicians and credentialed clinicians that can fully evaluate, understand and create a clinical pathway that addresses your unique brain ‘circuitry,’ as well as the physiological and environmental factors that are affecting your health and well being.

Therapy Alone is Not Adequate Addiction Treatment

There is no question as to the value of effective therapy in the process of addiction recovery. In fact, the vast majority of addiction treatment facilities utilize group therapy as their primary treatment modality.

Addition Treatment Delivered by Addiction Physicians

Yet often times the effectiveness of expert medical management is either overlooked or underutilized. At RiverMend Health, we integrate evidence-based medical treatment modalities into every aspect of addiction treatment, rehabilitation and recovery. Our physicians, many of whom are Board Certified in the specialty of Addiction Medicine, have direct input into all components of your treatment from, designing your individualized treatment program to providing personal, direct one-on-one medical care.

The Conscious Use of Effective Medications

The goal at RiverMend Health is to teach our patients the life skills necessary to abstain from all drug and alcohol use. However, there are a number of medications available to assist in the initial detoxification process that are not only incredibly effective but are underutilized. We believe that there is a place to use these medications sparingly and wisely to help treat addiction withdrawal symptoms and get our patients to a point where they have adequate strength to take the next steps on the road to recovery. This conscious use of effective medications creates the space necessary for new life skills to be learned and integrated into our patient’s lives.

Addressing Other Factors Contributing to Addiction

Dealing with a substance abuse problem almost always encompasses more than the addiction itself. Most often other mental health issue such as depression, bipolar disorder, or anxiety are present. Integrating physician care into our addiction treatment programs serves the additional benefit of helping manage the co-occurring disorders that can stand in the way of successful addiction recovery and that may also trigger relapse occurrences.

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