The Spectrum of Change

Behavioral changes take place in identifiable stages: precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, and maintenance. By understanding where a patient is on the continuum of change, effective treatment can be provided that is designed to work specifically with what stage they are in and their level of motivation.Without this strategic timing of treatment, patients are unable to acquire the skills necessary to enjoy a full recovery. A patient in desperate need of detox will not benefit from extensive counseling. However, once the initial crisis is remedied, addiction counseling becomes the heart and soul of the recovery process.

The Right Treatment at the Right Time

Motivational interviewing serves as the means to identify where a patient is on this continuum. If a patient is in need of detoxification and stabilization, they are likely not ready for meaningful dialogue about their substance abuse issues. Motivational interviewing identifies this reality and strategically integrates counseling at a time when it will be of the greatest value to the patient. We meet patients where they are, not where our program demands that they be.

The Skills Needed for a Full Recovery

Once a patient is in the appropriate stages where change is not only possible but also likely, addiction centered counseling becomes the prime modality for delivering the treatment that provides what is traditionally considered “rehab.” It is at this point that we deliver the specific set of skills required to allow for a full recovery.Addiction counseling continues to play a role well after initial treatment. Local support programs provide ongoing opportunities to share experiences in a safe environment with others who are also committed to leading a life free of substance abuse. This ongoing support and education provides the framework for a new life free from the burden of addiction.

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