John, a CPA and Chief Financial Officer with 25+ years of advanced leadership experience working for public and private companies, and large public accounting firms. John has experience with building platform healthcare companies that will scale, M&A, raising money, road shows, accelerated growth, Private Equity, and providing strategic leadership. Extremity is a podiatry platform.

As Chief Financial Officer of Extremity Healthcare Incorporated John has worked to help create a world-class multi-speciality platform company. He works closely with Private Equity Firms and Investment bankers to leverage the platform. He has overseen the implementation of networks, front desk automation, created propriety software to manage mergers and acquisitions. Within Finance John has managed the centralization of all accounting and billing functions as well as Purchasing.

As Chief Financial Officer and Co-Founder of Working Media Group, John grew the company from start-up to a 50 million dollar media buying platform. In 2009, John’s company was listed as the fourth fastest growing media company by the Inc. 500 and 20th fastest overall. John provided leadership to the sales team and oversaw the day to day management of the Company.

John Industry experience includes Healthcare, Software development, SaaS Software business models, Marketing and Advertising, International manufacturing and Distribution.