My Clinical Expertise:

  • Wellness
  • Natural Medicine
  • Detoxification
  • Healthy Lifestyles

Elson M. Haas, M.D. ( is a medical practitioner with 40 years of experience in patient care, always with in an interest in natural medicine, detoxification, and healthy lifestyles. For the past 30 years, he has been instrumental in the development and practice of integrative medicine at the Preventive Medical Center of Marin (PMCM), which he founded in 1984 and where he is the medical director. Dr. Haas has been perfecting a model of health care that utilizes sophisticated western and integrative diagnostics in a family medicine practice with time-honored natural therapies from around the world. This multidisciplinary center offers a range of experienced practitioners and therapies. Patients receive quality cooperative care from a team committed to looking at the root causes of disease and utilizing treatments based in natural remedies, prescription drugs or state of the art stress reduction, nutritional therapies and weight management. Dr. Haas is also the author of a dozen books in the areas of health, nutrition, and detoxification, including “Staying Healthy with the Seasons”, “The Detox Diet”, and “Staying Healthy with Nutrition”.

Dr. Haas is a popular speaker for the general public or medical professionals, with topics ranging from:

  • Nutrition and Healthy Aging
  • Basics of Detoxification and the Detox Diet
  • Integrated Medicine: The Basics of New Health Care
  • Wise Use of Nutritional Supplements
  • Weight Management, Food Reactions and False Fat

Dr. Haas also provides group detox programs, school programs and has done international medicine in Ghana with Global Brigades.

Dr. Elson Haas holds a lifetime adult education teaching credential and has held numerous classes for children and families in schools. He is devoted to helping young people learn how to care for their bodies. The new Anatomix Comix Health Review teaches kids about anatomy, physiology and health and nutrition tips with songs in a staged show featuring a line of anatomical t-shirts.

  • Lifetime Adult Education Teaching Credential
  • Founder and Medical Director, Preventive Medical Center of Marin
  • Author of publications in health, nutrition, detoxification
  • Author, “Staying Healthy with the Seasons”
  • Author, “The Detox Diet”
  • Author, “Staying Healthy with Nutrition”
  • Author, “Anatomix Comix Health Review”
  • Speaker for general public or medical professionals
  • International Medicine: provider of detox programs, school programs in Ghana with Global Brigades