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Overlooking the Pacific Ocean and majestic Malibu canyons, Malibu Beach Recovery Centers is the West Coast's most luxurious sanctuary for addiction recovery and is the choice for actors, artists, athletes, professionals and business executives.

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Malibu Beach Recovery Centers is a leading provider of neuroscience-driven addiction treatment based in Los Angeles, California. MBRC’s programs are designed specifically to repair the brain’s reward system in chemically-dependent and alcoholic adults, and to provide their clients with the tools required to maintain sobriety long term.

Malibu Beach Recovery Centers believes that alumni who continue to follow the easy tenets of our neuroscience-based system and participate in a 12 Step philosophy can maintain long-term sobriety and achieve quality of life. The Malibu Beach Recovery Centers system uses holistic, scientific and clinical principles in a variety of settings – individual therapy, group therapy and family therapy. The holistic component is designed to quickly and efficiently begin to raise the chronically low dopamine levels of MBRC clients through diet, yoga breath work and food supplements.

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  • Alcohol Use Disorders & Addiction }

    Alcohol Use Disorders & Addiction

    If you or a loved one is suffering from alcohol abuse or dependency, you are not alone. In fact, alcohol abuse and addiction are medical conditions that affect an estimated 18 million people each year. Seeking help and facing your addiction is a brave decision, and recovery is not far from reach at RiverMend Health. Our multi-dimensional, evidence-based therapeutic modalities and nationwide network of treatment centers provides you or your loved one with all the tools and support necessary to manage your chronic illness and achieve a sustained, lifelong recovery.

  • Drug Use Disorders & Addiction }

    Drug Use Disorders & Addiction

    Overcoming drug abuse and dependency begins with the decision to ask for help. Whether you are addicted to prescription pills, heroin, methamphetamines, opioids, or another physically and/or emotionally addictive substance, RiverMend Health’s multi-dimensional, evidence-based therapeutic modalities can help you stop the destructive cycle of addiction turn your life around. Our comprehensive, multi-disciplinary treatment program provides you with all of the tools necessary to achieve a sustained lifelong recovery and live a healthy, and fulfilled life.

  • Pain Medication Abuse & Addiction }

    Pain Medication Abuse & Addiction

    Each year, more than 76 million people suffer from chronic pain — pain that lasts longer than 24 hours — and millions more suffer from acute pain. Learning to manage chronic pain can be a stressful, debilitating experience, leading many down a road where they find themselves dependent upon pain medication to get through the day. Just when you find that your pain is manageable, you become at risk of becoming addicted to the pain medication that has brought you relief. Over time, physical dependence can snowball into addiction.

  • Impaired Professionals }

    Impaired Professionals

    The impact of addiction is far reaching for anyone. But for physicians and white collar professionals it can be particularly difficult. Concerns about permanently damaging your career and earning potential as well as your personal reputation can make it especially difficult to seek assistance. Highly skilled and accomplished professionals are accustomed to exceling at what they do and as a result, are not always comfortable asking for help. Don’t put your career at risk. Call our Impaired Professionals hotline to start your recovery at (800) 366-8101.

  • Low-Glycemic Five Star Dining }

    Low-Glycemic Five Star Dining

    At Malibu Beach Recovery Centers, Chef Licia Jaccard and our world-class cuisine team create foods in accordance with a French low-glycemic diet. Meals prepared for our clients of Malibu Beach Recovery Centers help them achieve a “stimulatory” satisfaction from foods that do not include sugar, caffeine, white flour, white rice, potatoes and other high glycemic products effectively reducing excess appetite and overeating, reduces mood swings and promotes a physiologically healthy body.

  • Meditation }


    Mindfulness, a meditative practice, is an important component of the addiction rehabilitation process taught at Malibu Beach Recovery Centers. During a patient’s residential treatment, our clinical and therapeutic experts teach and share best practices for developing meditation skills which are proven and effective methods for achieving better self-awareness, enabling the management of anxiety, depression, stress, addiction and rejuvenating one’s mind, body and spirit.

  • Kurma Yoga }

    Kurma Yoga

    Malibu Beach Recovery Centers offers a proprietary form of yoga called Kurma Yoga as a critical component of the recovery process. Each day, clients learn and perform a unique combination of carefully chosen exercises that are specifically designed to enhance mood, improve breathing raise dopamine levels and build a sense of well-being.

  • Jordan Aronoff


    Jordan Aronoff is Executive Director of Malibu Beach Recovery Centers. He is responsible for overseeing operations at MBRC’s medically supervised detox, residential and outpatient centers, as well as developing partnerships with the recovery community.

    Aronoff’s role includes leading quality improvement initiatives, collaborating with multidisciplinary teams and developing strategic plans to allow MBRC to continue to best serve clients in need of recovery services for drug and alcohol addiction.

    Prior to joining Malibu Beach Recovery Centers, Aronoff was chief operating officer and program director at an addiction treatment center in Los Angeles. With over eight years of leadership experience, he was instrumental in expanding the levels of care available to clients, building the center from sober living-only to one offering a full continuum of residential and outpatient care.

    Aronoff graduated with honors from University of Arizona with a bachelor’s degree in behavioral sciences. Before entering the addiction treatment field, he worked as a consultant in the entertainment industry.

Insurance & Payments

Malibu Beach Recovery Centers accepts a wide variety of PPO health insurance provider plans as well as fee for service cash payments for residential pain and addiction treatment and rehabilitation.

Because insurance plan coverage can change frequently and we are always adding new health insurers, we recommend calling the Malibu Beach Recovery Centers intake team at (800) 366-8101 to discuss insurance coverage, financial planning and payment arrangements for the treatment of alcohol and drug dependency.


Malibu Beach Recovery Centers is located in the upscale Los Angeles, California neighborhood of Malibu just twenty minutes from Los Angeles International Airport. Malibu Beach Recovery Centers can provide door-to-door limousine car service for each of our registered clients.

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