A Different Approach
Addiction is a chronic and multifaceted brain disease involving complex biological, behavioral, and social factors. And yet, most addiction treatment programs are behaviorally focused, not driven by science and ultimately, highly ineffective, making the chances of relapse highly probable.

We See Addiction Differently

At RiverMend Health, we see addiction treatment differently. In order to sustain a lifelong recovery, treatment for addiction must be multi-dimensional, combining evidence-based therapies that are driven by the science of treating a serious and chronic brain disease.

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A New Paradigm for Treatment & Recovery

Understanding the neurobiological basis of addiction sheds light on why relapse — even in the face of severe consequences, such as divorce, job loss or incarceration — is common. Accordingly, the new paradigm of treatment — delivered by RiverMend Health — addresses the neurobiological deficits and recognizes that long-term medical, psychological and spiritual care are absolutely essential for sustained recovery.

Combining the Science of Medicine & the Art of Recovery

Recovering from addiction requires a multidisciplinary approach rooted in the science of medicine and the art of restorative therapies. At RiverMend Health, we combine evidence-based treatment with holistic care delivered by leading clinicians and experts at our world-class treatment and rehabilitation facilities.

Leading Clinicians & Experts

RiverMend Health brings together a diverse clinical team of addition treatment and recovery experts focused on a single goal – to improve the lives of those suffering from this deadly disease. Our mission begins with you and or your loved one and we are committed to helping initiate and sustain your recovery by providing the science to help you understand your addiction, manage it as a long-term chronic disease and leverage the tools we will give you to sustain recovery beyond your initial treatment.

Holistic Care

At RiverMend Health, restoring the body, mind, and spirit plays an integral part in the recovery process. Our multidisciplinary staff is comprised of the national most renown medical professionals, clinicians and therapists in the fields of addiction, clinical psychology, diet & nutrition, Eastern medicine, yoga, physical exercise and more. To help our clients recover from their addition, we combine a broad array of proven, medically-rooted treatment therapies to promote optimal mental and physical health.

World-Class Facilities

RiverMend Health’s nationwide network of addiction, eating disorders and obesity treatment facilities and programs are considered world-class and are optimal environments for initiating recovery. Our residential and outpatient facilities located across the United States offer you the chance to initiate your recovery in a beautiful, serene setting where you will find peace and a supporting network of professional addiction treatment experts ready to transform your life.